Happy to create pretty things for your dolls and mine.

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Affordable Luxuries in Dollwear

My studio is my happy place and I feel fortunate that I am able to operate my shop at a pace that I enjoy. My interest began in 2012 as a collector and fan of doll photography. I loved creating a fantasy world related to dolls and still do! Hours can disappear when I spend time in my studio building dioramas, organizing a photo shoot and of course planning the necessary fashions.

I learned to sew as a young girl for my first client, Barbie. Taught by my mom and then advancing further by experience and a natural love of sewing. Later, I did dressmaking for bridal, drapery and personal projects. I guess you could say that I came full circle and have returned to my love of sewing for dolls.

I offer a wider range in prices by using a variety of fabrics and complexities of styles.

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A love for creating doll fashions and dioramas
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Donation for Blythcon Vancouver 2015
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Cute rompers in fun prints
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A dress from our Vintage Circus collection
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Ontario, Canada

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